About Us

Wetland Solutions, Inc. (WSI), located in Gainesville, Florida, is an environmental consulting company that is internationally recognized for the design, permitting, and implementation of natural and constructed treatment wetlands for water quality enhancement, wildlife habitat creation, and public use. WSI has extensive experience troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of existing treatment wetland systems. WSI also specializes in the use of innovative monitoring and modeling techniques in the study of aquatic ecosystem structure and function. WSI provides additional environmental consulting services including wetland delineation, wetland mitigation planning and design, and environmental permitting. WSI is also certified by the State of Florida (Certificate of Authorization No. 28785) and State of South Carolina (Certificate of Authorization No. 4556) to perform civil engineering services.


Key Staff

Christopher H. Keller, M.E., P.E.

President and Senior Engineer

Chris began his professional career in 1994 and is experienced in a wide range of environmental disciplines, including water resources engineering, water quality and biological monitoring, water quality treatment, and environmental permitting. He has specialized expertise in the design, construction, operation, and optimization of treatment wetlands.


Ronald A. Clarke, M.S.

Vice President and Senior Scientist

Ron began his career in 1995 and is an environmental scientist with experience in a number of environmental disciplines including: water quality and biological monitoring, springs ecology, water quality treatment, environmental data analysis and interpretation, database design and management, and environmental permitting. He has wide-ranging experience in the development and implementation of comprehensive monitoring plans for ecological and environmental studies.


Scott L. Knight, Ph.D., P.E.

Vice President and Water Resources Engineer

Scott has been working as a water resources engineer since 2006. He has experience in the fields of environmental and water resources engineering, biological assessments, environmental sampling, water quality sampling, and water quality modeling. His water resources experience includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, floodplain analysis, and consumptive use modeling.


Robert L. Knight, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist

Bob is the founder of Wetland Solutions, Inc. and specializes in projects related to treatKadlecKnight_TWment wetlands, wetland and springs ecology, surface water quality, and environmental studies. He has over 40 years of extensive experience in the design and management of treatment wetlands and in the study of springs and other aquatic ecosystems. He is a co-author of the first textbook dedicated specifically to the design and science behind treatment wetlands.